Drawing on nature: a vision of an urban residential street adapted for biodiversity in architectural drawings

Moxon, Sian (2019) Drawing on nature: a vision of an urban residential street adapted for biodiversity in architectural drawings. City Territory Architecture, 6 (6). pp. 1-13.


Cities are becoming more built up and less hospitable to wildlife, which is in alarming global decline. Consequently, cities are becoming worse for their human inhabitants, who benefit from contact with nature, and losing out on the vital ecosystem services that urban greenery provides. This is a particular issue in residential streets, as domestic gardens offer significant potential for greenspace and wildlife habitat, but their value is misunderstood and their management is largely unregulated. Visual communication techniques are effective at engaging residents in city planning and could therefore offer a solution by inspiring community action to rewild urban streets. The article argues, with reference to an urban rewilding campaign created to support London becoming a National Park City, that visualisa-tion can be used as part of an agenda to reverse biodiversity loss, and make cities healthier, more sustainable places to live and work. The case study uses architectural drawings of a residential street adapted to enhance its greenspace and biodiversity to encourage residents to transform their homes, gardens and streets. The study found architectural drawings have the potential to inspire and empower people to make changes to their neighbourhood by communicating an aspirational vision, depicting a cohesive proposal at a whole-street scale, and organising practical information and guidance. The case study provides a model for London and other cities to use vision drawings as a catalyst to increase their greenspace and biodiversity, creating a worldwide network of National Park cities.

epdf/10.1186/s40410-019-0105-0_author_access_token=yePzuaOuV662wdGmPOqS2W_BpE1tBhCbnbw3BuzI2RMswR1YXLGVhD9wS_9NVjp1ZUZIm7xhRXlUseLpqrsMFr5wzc31pWU2x374f9t5u8nUgx1HHQ7g4-Nbiq0YQpyBY-Q_PvLohOLNZrj0NieaPA== - Published Version
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