A comparative study on GFT adoption behaviour among Malaysian paddy farmers

Adnan, Nadia, Nordin, Shahrina Md and Noor, Amir (2018) A comparative study on GFT adoption behaviour among Malaysian paddy farmers. In: Global governance vs. regional governance in social policy: the social policy of the EU. IGI Global, Hershey, Pennsylvania, pp. 1133-1152. ISBN 978-1-5225-5201-7


Agriculture is the major driving force of Malaysian economic. The aim of this research study is to segment the behavior of paddy farmers in Malaysia and understand how they influence adoption, and rejection of a green fertilizer technology(GFT). The objective of this paper is to establish the thinking which enables a society to bridge the gap between embracing GFT. Furthermore, the study builds the conceptual framework and examine the relationship among the relevant construct this framework is critically examining the technology adoption literature. To make this conceptual framework robust it is found in the literature that theory of planned behavior and Theory of reasoned action play the major role to segment farmer's behavior towards the adoption of GFT. This chapter highlights a number of issues that have bearings on the future roles of the fertilizer usage among Malaysian paddy farmers. These include the emerging notion of the awareness and trust of the GFT efficient way to increase the production.

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