Resilient computer system design

Castano, Victor and Schagaev, Igor (2015) Resilient computer system design. Springer. ISBN 978-3-319-15069-7


This book presents a paradigm for designing new generation resilient and evolving computer systems, including their key concepts, elements of supportive theory, methods of analysis and synthesis of ICT with new properties of evolving functioning, as well as implementation schemes and their prototyping. The book explains why new ICT applications require a complete redesign of computer systems to address challenges of extreme reliability, high performance, and power efficiency. The authors present a comprehensive treatment for designing the next generation of computers, especially addressing safety-critical, autonomous, real time, military, banking, and wearable health care systems.

§ Describes design solutions for new computer system - evolving reconfigurable architecture (ERA) that is free from drawbacks inherent in current ICT and related engineering models

§ Pursues simplicity, reliability, scalability principles of design implemented through redundancy and re-configurability; targeted for energy-, reliability- and performance-wise operations

§ Provides development processes for next generation systems using various redundancy types for implementation of required system properties through design stages

§ Presents a prototype for new computer system - resilient and evolving architecture with supportive hardware for system reconfigurability

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