Civic edgelands: transitional home making on the city's edge

Tang, Bo and Mitchell, Maurice (2018) Civic edgelands: transitional home making on the city's edge. Documentation. The Cass, London Metropolitan University, London.


A research study of three different contexts encountered by students and recent graduates from the Cass in July and August 2018. In this publication, we begin to explore the effects of migration on civic edgelands in Athens, Greece; Calabria, Italy; and Freetown, Sierra Leone. It also provides methodologies and guidance to students in Architecture Diploma Unit 6, and Degree Studios 3 and 7 on where and how students might engage with transitional communities in these settings in order to assemble a brief for their individual studio design projects for the 2018/19 academic year. Research publication produced by: Vanessa Barsan, Federica Ranalli, Alyzza Valid, Anita Zarzycka, Rita Elvira Adamo, Maya Shankla, Eno Akpan, Agnieszka Pyrdol, Aimee Thompson, Adam Cheltsov; coordinated and edited by Adam Cheltsov and Dr Bo Tang, at the Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University in 2018.

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