Qucs modelling and simulation of analog/RF devices and circuits (Chapter 6)

Brinson, Mike (2019) Qucs modelling and simulation of analog/RF devices and circuits (Chapter 6). In: Open Source TCAD/EDA for Compact Modeling. Springer Series in Advanced Microelectronics, 59 . Springer, Germany. ISBN 9789402410891


Trends in compact device modeling and analog circuit simulation point towards a growing interest among the modeling community in the standardization of Verilog-A as an equation based modeling language for compact semiconductor device model and circuit macromodel development. . This chapter introduces the principles of compact device modeling with equation-defined devices and VerilogA models. For completeness circuit macromodel principles and construction are also included. It also describes the use of the different types of equation based models in analog and RF circuit simulation. Throughout the text the properties of a range of analog and RF circuits with different levels of complexity are introduced and their performance investigated with the “Quite universal circuit simulator” (Qucs) and its related software package QucsStudio. All the device and circuit modeling techniques introduced in this chapter form part of the standard features implemented in Qucs and QucsStudio.

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