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Following the release of Qucs-0.0.18 in August 2014 the Qucs Development Team considered in detail a number of possible directions that future versions of the software could take. Spice4qucs is one of these routes. It addresses a number of problems observed with the current version of Qucs while attempting to combine some of the best features of other GPL circuit simulation packages. The project also aims to add additional model development tools to those currently available in Qucs-0.0.18. Qucs was originally written as an RF and microwave engineering design tool which provided features not found in SPICE, like S parameter simulation, two and multiport small signal AC circuit analysis and RF network synthesis. Since it was first release under the General Public License (GPL) in 2003 Qucs has provided users with a relatively stable, flexible and reasonably functional circuit simulation package which is particularly suited to high frequency circuit simulation. In the years following 2003 the Qucs Development team added a number of additional simulation facilities, including for example, transient simulation, device parameter sweep capabilities and single tone Harmonic Balance simulation, making Qucs functionality comparable to SPICE at low frequencies and significantly extended at high frequencies. Considerable effort has also been made to improve the device modelling tools distributed with Qucs. The recent versions of the software include code for algebraic equation manipulation, Equation-Defined Device (EDD) modelling, Radio Frequency Equation-Defined Device (RFEDD) simulation and Verilog-A synthesised model development plus a range of compact and behavioural device modelling and post simulation data analysis tools that have become central features in an open source software package of surprising power and utility.

One of the most often requested new Qucs features is “better documentation”, especially documentation outlining the use and limitations of the simulation and the modelling features built into Qucs. Qucs is a large and complex package which is very flexible in the way that it can be used as a circuit design aid. Hence, however much documentation is written describing its functionality there are always likely be simulation and modelling examples that are missing from the Qucs documentation. In future Qucs releases will be accompanied by two or more basic Qucs documents. The first of these, simply called “Qucs-Help”, provides introductory information for beginners and indeed any other users, who require help in starting to use Qucs. The second Qucs document, called “Spice4qucs-Help”, introduces more advanced simulation and modelling topics. Both documents present a large number of typical circuit simulation and compact device modelling examples.

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