FOSS as an efficient tool for extraction of MOSFET compact model parameters

Tomaszewski, Daniel, Gluszko, Grzegorz, Brinson, Mike, Kuznetsov, Vadim and Grabinski, Wladek (2016) FOSS as an efficient tool for extraction of MOSFET compact model parameters. Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on mixed design of integrated circuits (MIXDES). pp. 68-73. ISSN Electronic ISBN: 978-83-63578-09-1, CD-ROM ISBN: 978-83-63578-08-4


A GNU Octave - based application for device-level compact model evaluation and parameter extraction has been developed. The applications main features are as follows: experimental I-V data importing, generating input data for different circuit simulation programs, running the simulation program to calculate I-V characteristics of the specified models, calculating model misfit and its sensitivity to selected parameter variation, and the comparison of experimental and simulated characteristics. Measured I-V data stored by different measurement systems are accepted. Circuit simulations may be done with Ngspice, Qucs and LTSpiceIV © . Selected aspects of the application are presented and discussed.

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