The spectra of manganese and zirconium in the wavelength region 0.8 μm [microns] - 2.6 μm [microns or micrometres]

Taklif, A. G. (1980) The spectra of manganese and zirconium in the wavelength region 0.8 μm [microns] - 2.6 μm [microns or micrometres]. Doctoral thesis, Polytechnic of North London.


Using electrodeless discharge tube sources, and a 1.5 m vacuum Ebert mounting spectrometer, the spectrum of manganese in the wavelength region 0.82 - 1.97 μm [microns or micrometres], and additional wavelengths of zirconium weak lines in spectral range of 0.8 - 2.7 μm have been measured.

The application of the equipment and instruments used are described. A general description of the Fabry-Perot interferometer as a calibrating system is given.

A description of the general method by which the electrodeless discharge tubes (EDT's) were manufactured is given. Some of the work has been concentrated on the preparation of the EDT's containing zirconium and manganese halides. Efforts were made on achieving new methods of preparing tubes containing less volatile elements such as manganese. This involved new design of material containers used inside the reaction line as well as some changes in the reaction system used in the preparation of the tube.

Investigations into the phenomenon of Zeeman effect are discussed, the results of which are then presented using zirconium electrodeless discharge tubes. In this investigation, Zeeman patterns were scanned using Fabry-Perot interferometer as a pressure-scanning spectrometer, and infrared Ebert mounting grating spectrometer as a monochromator. Values are given for 22 lines involving different multiplets.

218 manganese lines have been measured in the range 0.8 - 1.97 μm; of these, 84 have been identified by the transitions involving energy levels of neutral manganese atom. Vacuum wavenumbers of 181 additional zirconium lines in the spectral range 0.78 - 1.36 μm and 1.77 - 2.7 μm have been measured. These have been compared with the predicted spectral lines from neutral zirconium energy levels and transitions assigned to 79 lines. 22 lines were studied for Zeeman effect; the analysis of the results confirmed the level 15932.10 cm-1[to the power -1] listed in Mnl energy level list to be 3P1 and not b3P2. A new level, 15624.31 cm-1[to the power -1](b3P0) was also calculated and 5 new Lande g factors have been observed.

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